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Based in Montreal, selling all around the world, Luxwood is renowned as a leader in the automotive accessories industry for almost 25 years. Our products are recognised for their distinctive look and quality, thanks to our experienced designers, our unique and precise process and our high quality materials.

Luxwood is also an official partner of some of the biggest automotive manufacturers (OEM), working together to elevate and protect new vehicles in style.



Our self-healing polyurethane coating offers unmatched durability. It is 50x stronger than regular automotive clears, making our products the most scratch and bumps resistant on the market.


Our designs are innovative and can be bold, enhancing the natural lines and style of vehicles.

Quality and durability

All our products are guaranteed a minimum of 3 years but will last a lifetime. They are made to last.

Always available

Since we manufacture everything in Montreal, our products can be made promptly and ship within 3 days or less, so you always get what you need, right on time.


Luxwood has been an ever-growing family for the past 25 years. The combination of market leaders in design, production and business developpement skilful management makes for a very capable and dynamic team.

More importantly as the business world evolves constantly, our experienced leaders are happy to show the way to new talents added every year. We love to see our team members explore and achieve their full potential.

Luxwood core values are clear: creativity, collaboration with an intent of building up one another through support , integration and mutual help. We all believe that working together is a powerful strength that caracterise successful enterprises.

We carry these values to our relationships with our distributors and clients, ensuring long-term profitable partnerships for all. You will find that our team is devoted, knowledgeable and reliable.

We will be happy to welcome you into the Luxwood family!
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