Exterior trims

Precisely designed to enhance the look of your vehicle while keeping in tune with the manufacturers style, our exterior kits offer a great visual impact and the best durability.

Choose from our 8 products type:

Rocker Trim
Groove trim
Exterior Kit
bumper Protector
bumper wrap
Hood logo


Rocker Trim
These rocker trims are designed to be installed on the existing factory plastic rocker panels or on the body at the bottom of the doors. They add style and protection. Also available in a 2 tone version. (RKI)


groove trim
These groove trims are designed to be installed in a specific indentation or groove on a vehicle. They are usually a little above the bottom of the door where a clear body line is apparent. Also available in a 2 tone version. (GRI)


Accent kits
These trim kits offer a variety of pieces that enhance exterior features of the vehicle. Typical areas included are bumper trim, headlights or grill accent.


Pillar post
The pillar post trims are offered in our unique protective carbon material (WCF) or in glossy black. Look for our special combination of pillars and exterior trim for an outstanding look (PIK)


These hood deflectors offer superior protection than paint-protective film and are easier to install than bolt-on types. In addition to the plain glossy black version, they are also available with a cut-out logo (DEL) or in a bolder version (DEK)


bumper kit
Glossy black rear bumper protective trim. Easy to install and offer great scratch resistance. In addition to the plain version, they are also available with a cut-out logo (BUL)


bumper protection wrap
Rear bumper protection, offered in textured black or textured carbon. Low cost protection, always high quality and style.


hood logo
Personalised Hood Logo offered in glossy black, platinum silver or chrome. Also available in 2 tones version (LOI).

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All Luxwood products are made from first quality composite materials, laminated with an exclusive clear high performance adhesive tape and protected by a world renowned poly-urethane clear coat. In addition to being durable, the flexibility of these ultra-resistant materials allows for innovative designs and easy installation.

Industrial adhesive

The industrial double-sided foam tape we use is thick enough to absorb vibration and to ensure fatigue resistance, but is perfectly clear so it blends well with the vehicle. It also accommodates different thermal expansion rates, which means the trims will not crack or lift even through the coldest winters and intense heat waves.

Design and engineering center

We design and engineer all of our products in Montreal, Canada. This allows our team to be hands on for every aspect of the product development until the design and fit are perfected. Our state-of-the art technologies include: High precision Laser cutting and engraving, Powerful Pure-Water cutting, High resolution printing, international paint code matching system, and automated finishing capabilities.

Protective layer

Our UV stable, self-healing clear coat imported from Italy is 50x stronger and 55x thicker than regular car polish..Scratch resistant, it will keep its glossy finish for years.

Color samples

Glossy Black
Color Match Luxd
Carbon Red Black
Carbon Fiber
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