Carbon fiber wrangler logo on jeep hood

Carbon fiber, the black gold material


Who was the first engineer to use carbon fiber? Thomas Edison! He used carbon fibers as filaments for early light bulbs, for its high heat tolerance. It’s about a century later, during the sixties, that aerospace engineers discovered the carbon fibers mechanical properties. Since then, carbon fiber is used in aerospace engineering, as well as in the construction of aircraft, boats and bicycles for its high strength and rigidity, flexibility and lightweight.

carbon fiber console

The manufacturing process being long, costly and mostly by hands, carbon fiber was always considered as luxury. In car-making, it was for a long time reserved for racing and high-end cars only.

But with new technologies, carbon fiber is finally finding its way to a more accessible production, and now we want it everywhere!

carbon fiber car dash

Being flexible, resistant to water and rust, stable through thermal changes and easy to customize and mold into different shapes without losing its strength and rigidity, carbon fiber makes the perfect car accessories, from dash trims to rear spoilers. We can’t get enough of this unique and luxurious look !

Go check those Real Carbon Fiber Kits and share your thoughts with us !

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