How to “electrify” the look of your PHEV?


The EV market is increasing yearly and have reached its highest sales again in 2020 with more than 3 million vehicle sold. Long passed are days where you had to make the choice between a stylish vehicle and an echo-friendly model.

Still, Luxwood strive to create packages to make your PHEV stand out! When you get noticed, the eco-smart choices gets promoted!

How do we do that? 

We’ve created a unique material called “Electric Blue” and designed special accent trims to energize the look of the PHEV! The combination of Glossy Black, Chrome and Electric Blue complements the factory style of the vehicle while celebrating it’s electric DNA.

Notice the front grill accent, the special electric blue rocker trim that enhance the chrome trim while offering extra protection. Special badges installed around the factory ones in the front fender are the final touch to this distinctive model upgrade. 

Simple to install, you can do it yourself or ask for this special launch edition at your Mitsubishi Dealership anywhere in Canada. 

Share your thoughts with us!  

Drive safe and with style!

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