The Seltos Phenomenon


July 2019, the very first Seltos went on sale in India and South Korea. North America had to wait a few more months before they could appreciate this brand new SUV, in January 2020. In less than 2 years, the Seltos became one of the favorites, with more than 450 000 units sold across the world ! 

What makes it so trendy? Its luxury-inspired exterior featuring the Kia’s tiger nose grille, narrow head-lights and sculpted rear-end. To share their love for this baby, Seltos owners created Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other media groups and clubs by douzens, from all round the globe. 

This Seltos community also loves and promotes accessories to enhance and protect his dazzle, as shows the more than 340 000 views for the Luxwood Hood deflector video on YouTube. You can watch the video here

This hood deflector is simply perfect to make to your Seltos to another level ! And is already one of our most popular products, with hundreds of units sold in many countries !

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